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GB/T9711.1 ERW Steel Pipe

GB/T9711.1 ERW Steel Pipe

The longitudinal welded pipe is made of L175, L210, L245, L290, L320, L360, L390, L415, L450, L485 or L555 type of steel.

Technical specifications
The outer diameter for the ERW steel pipe ranges from 21.3 mm to 630mm and the maximum wall thickness from 1.8mm to 22.2mm.

Manufacturing features
According to GB/T 9711.1 standard, this series of ERW steel pipe can be manufactured without being pressurized. The filling parts are composed of metals which are electronically welded.

The GB/T 9711.1 standard welded steel pipe is used for transferring combustible gas and non-combustible fluid, including water. Hence, if you are looking for premium quality pipe sections to construct water pipelines and natural gas pipelines, etc., please feel secure in buying our products.
Our ERW pipes are ideal substitutes for traditional non-alloy steel pipes and alloy steel pipes.

ZHONGSHUN is a GB/T 9711.1 ERW steel pipe manufacturer and supplier. We also offer spiral pipes, line pipes and HSAW pipes. Our high quality products are offered at competitive prices. ZHONGSHUN is located in China, where the full chain of manufacturing steel piles and galvanized steel pipes can be completed, even in one city, which helps save our production cost. Our lower manufacturing cost saves your purchasing cost as well. More details of each product are shown on the page with description.

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