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    1. API 5L Black Steel PipeAll our black steel pipes are manufactured according to the API 5L specification for line pipes. They are extensively used in transferring corrosive matters such as petroleum and natural gas.
    1. API 5CT ERW Steel PipeDuring the API 5CT ERW steel pipe manufacturing process, the tempering heat treatment is simulated around the welding line. Both ends of the longitudinal welded pipe are perpendicular to the center line and there should be no blurs on the interior seamed edge or the exterior edge.
    1. ASTM A252 Longitudinal Welded PipeOur longitudinal welded pipe is produced in accordance with the ASTM A252 Standard Specification for Welded and Seamless Steel Pipe Piles.
    1. GB/T9711.1 ERW Steel PipeAccording to GB/T 9711.1 standard, this series of ERW steel pipe can be manufactured without being pressurized. The filling parts are composed of metals which are electronically welded.
    1. GB/T 3091 Straight Seam Steel PipeThe straight seam steel pipe is applicable for low pressure liquid delivery. It often serves as the water pipe, steam pipe, and air system pipe, thus transferring water, air and heating steam, etc.
    1. EN 10217-1 Black Steel PipeFabricated according to EN 10217-1 standard specification, this range of black steel pipe comes with circular cross section and is manufactured by using electrical resistance welding technique.
    1. EN 10217-2 ERW Steel PipeOur EN 10217-2 standard ERW steel pipes are either alloy steel pipes or non-alloy steel pipes. With circular sections, they meet the testing requirements of both TR1 and TR2.
    1. EN10219-1 Straight Seam Steel PipeOur EN10219-1 standard straight seam steel pipes are cold formed pipes with circular, square or rectangular cross sections. The special manufacturing technique for the ERW steel pipe eliminates the demand for heat treatment after pipe forming.
    1. EN10219-2 ERW Steel PipeThis range of ERW steel pipe is available with varied shapes of cross sections, including circular, square and rectangular. Utilizing the cold welding technique, the longitudinal welded pipe is exactly manufactured according to the EN10219-2 standard specification.

ERW Steel Pipes

The ERW steel pipes are made of GR.A, GR.B, X42-X65, H40, J55, K55, S195T, S235JRH, S355JOH, S355J2H, ST33, ST42, STK400, STK500, Q235 and Q345 steel types.

Technical specifications
We are capable of providing you with longitudinal welded pipes with the outer diameter ranging from 21.3 to 630 mm and the wall thickness from 1.8 to 22.2 mm.

Our range of ERW steel pipe has high requirement on surface quality. It is typically manufactured using mild steel and other types of steels which are easy for welding. During the forming process, the steel plates are uniformly deformed with little residual stress, which makes sure all our ERW steel pipes have less vulnerability to scratching.

In comparison with other welded pipes, ERW pipes feature greater flexibility on diameter and wall thickness ranges.

Electrical resistance welding technique offers incomparable advantages in producing high strength thick-walled pipes, especially the thick-walled pipes with small to medium diameters.

The ERW steel pipe is regularly utilized as the raw material to build water pipelines, natural gas pipelines, petroleum pipelines, etc. for long distance transferring of water, petroleum, natural gas, coal gas and pulp, etc. It can also be used in the chemical and electricity transmission industries.

The welded steel pipe needs to be protected during the transportation, loading and uploading processes. Painting the surface and using a protector are also necessary. The right stacking method can prevent the ERW pipe from being mixed up and corroded by each other and water washing can also be avoided.

If the results of all the examinations and tests including size inspection and outward appearance check indicate that the ERW steel pipe is in compliance with the standards, a product certificate will be labeled to it, and each qualified pipe should have a product certificate attached to it. The final qualified pipe products should be placed neatly, steadily and firmly, using steel belts. Each bundle of steel tubing weighs no more than 5000 kg and the width of the equidistance distributed steel belts is no more than 30mm. Respectively, unqualified steel pipes, joint pipes and short rulers should be packaged alone.

After-sales Service
We will answer the clients' questions about our products thoroughly and precisely. After-sales tracking service is also available for our customers.

ZHONGSHUN is an ERW steel pipe manufacturer and supplier. We also offer spiral steel pipes and galvanized steel pipes. Our high quality products are offered at competitive prices. ZHONGSHUN is located in China, where the full chain of manufacturing coating steel pipes, line pipes can be completed, even in one city, which helps reduce our production prices. Our lower manufacturing cost saves your purchasing cost. More details of each product are shown on the page with description.

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Other Products
    1. API 5L SSAW Steel PipeThe raw materials of the same width can be processed in different forming angles to manufacture SSAW steel pipes in various diameters.
    1. EN 10219-1 SSAW Steel PipeThis range of SSAW steel pipe conforms to EN 10219-1 standard specifications. As cold formed pipe sections, our SSAW pipes eliminate the demand for heat treatment after forming. They are available with variety of cross section shapes, including round, square and rectangular.
    1. GB/T 9711.2 Spiral Welded Steel PipeThe spiral welded steel pipe is produced according to GB/T 9711.2 standards. It is typically manufactured in the following steps.
    1. GB/T 9711.1 HSAW Steel PipeDuring the welding process, the steel is heated by one or more electric arcs between the bare metal's consumable electrodes and the steel plate, thus achieving metallic bonding.