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    1. 3PE Coating Steel PipeThe multiplayer steel pipe coating provides our products with good impact resistance, abrasive resistance, shock resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt-tolerance, electric insulation, voltage resistance, high quality and long service life.
    1. 2PE Coating Steel PipeDue to advanced coating technology and quality steel pipe coating material, this range of steel tube offers high electric strength, acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt-tolerance, electric insulation, cold resistance and impact resistance.
    1. 3PP Coating Steel PipeThe 3PP coating steel pipe refers to steel tubing with three layers of PP coating. It offers high electric strength, acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt-tolerance, electric insulation, long service life, thermal endurance and impact resistance.
    1. FBE Coating Steel PipeThe single-layer FBE coating steel pipe has properties of high electric strength, acid resistance, alkali resistance, long service life, high quality and salt tolerance.

Coating Steel Pipes

Plastic coating for steel pipes can prevent or minimize the possibility of pipeline corrosion. Plastic coating systems for steel tubes include the PE coating and the PP coating. We can also provide steel tubing with FBE coating.

Following lists the advantages of our range of plastic coated pipes and FBE powder coated pipes.

Technical specifications

Anticorrosive Coating Material Parameter Three Layer PE Coating Two Layer PE Coating Three Layer PP Coating Single Layer FBE Coating
Electric Strength Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Water Absorption Rate Excellent Excellent Excellent Fair
Cathode Stripping Resistance Excellent Good Excellent Excellent
Adhesive Power Excellent Good Excellent Excellent
Impact Resistance Excellent Good Excellent Poor
Microbiological Resistance Excellent Good Excellent Fair
Chemical Resistance Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Soil Stress Resistance Excellent Fair Excellent Fair
Bend Ability Excellent Fair excellent Fair
Maximum Operating Temperature 85℃ 75℃ 105℃ 85℃
Abrasive Resistance Excellent Excellent Excellent Fair

Coating steel pipe process flow
The process steps are as follow: Feeding raw materials - feeding the bare pipe - preheating the pipe - shot blast cleaning the pipe surface - dust treatment - epoxy power coating - adhesive coating - PE/PP/FBE coating - water cooling - jet-painting marks - anticorrosive coating thickness detection - peel the pipe end - appearance check - binding power test - packing the pipe end - final product.

ZHONGSHUN is a coating steel pipes manufacturer and supplier. We also offer galvanized pipes, line pipes and steel piles. Our high quality products are offered at competitive prices. ZHONGSHUN is located in China, where the full chain of manufacturing API 5CT casings and galvanized steel pipes can be completed, even in one city, which helps save our production cost. Our lower manufacturing cost saves your purchasing cost as well. More details of each product are shown on the page with description.

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Other Products
    1. API 5L SSAW Steel PipeThe raw materials of the same width can be processed in different forming angles to manufacture SSAW steel pipes in various diameters.
    1. GB/T 9711.1 HSAW Steel PipeDuring the welding process, the steel is heated by one or more electric arcs between the bare metal's consumable electrodes and the steel plate, thus achieving metallic bonding.
    1. GB/T 9711.2 Spiral Welded Steel PipeThe spiral welded steel pipe is produced according to GB/T 9711.2 standards. It is typically manufactured in the following steps.
    1. EN 10219-1 SSAW Steel PipeThis range of SSAW steel pipe conforms to EN 10219-1 standard specifications. As cold formed pipe sections, our SSAW pipes eliminate the demand for heat treatment after forming. They are available with variety of cross section shapes, including round, square and rectangular.