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Line Pipes

Line Pipes

We can offer two categories of line pipes: SSAW steel pipe and black steel pipe.
By changing the forming angle, our range of API 5L line pipes can be made into various diameters while using raw materials of the same width.

API 5L SSAW Steel Pipe

A25-X100 steel type is used to manufacture the spiral pipe.

The spirally submerged arc welding technique provides our SSAW pipes with proven roundness and straightness, and the pipe straightening process is eliminated.

Our API 5L spiral welded pipes come with maximum outer diameter of 3048mm, maximum wall thickness of 30mm, and maximum length up to 20,000mm. Both PSL1 type and PSL2 type are available.

This range of API 5L line pipe is extensively used in the transferring systems of the petroleum and natural gas industries.

API 5L Black Steel Pipe

The API 5 L black steel pipe is typically made using A25-X100, and is extensively used in transferring corrosive matters such as petroleum and natural gas.

The rating standards for the API 5L line pipe include PSL1 type and PSL2 type. The outer diameter for the straight seam welded pipe ranges from 21.3 mm to 630 mm, and the wall thickness ranges from 1.8 mm to 22.2 mm.

ZHONGSHUN is a line pipe manufacturer and supplier. We also offer coating steel pipes and galvanized steel pipes. Our high quality products are offered at competitive prices. ZHONGSHUN is located in China, where the full chain of manufacturing spiral steel pipes and ERW steel pipes can be completed, even in one city, which helps save our production cost. Our lower manufacturing cost saves your purchasing cost as well. More details of each product are shown on the page with description.

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