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    1. Straight Seam Pipe EquipmentHigh frequency welding is a process which uses an electric field to create the heat needed to melt metalor a metal joint. The field is created when the metal to be welded is passed through a copper coil, i.e. both the metal to be jointed and the copper coil have inherent magnetic...
    1. Spiral Steel Pipe EquipmentThe Lincoln Welding Machine is produced by American Lincoln Electric Corporation featuring easy operation, rigidness and sturdiness. It has been widely used in pipeline welding, stainless steel welding, dual phase ...
    1. Laboratory CenterThe inner organization of the steel can be observed by this machine.
      Precise Balance
      The mass of the test material can be precisely weighed by this machine...

Welded Steel Pipe Production Equipment

The use of automatic welding equipment ensures continuous production for our welded steel pipes. The laser seam tracking system and the X-ray imaging NDT technique is also used to ensure the proven quality of our spiral pipes, ERW pipes, galvanized steel pipes, and more. Apart from these items, there are other devices such as automatic flux drying machine, 3000T hydraulic forging press, heavy-duty welding carriage, Lincoln welding machine, spectrometer, Vickers hardness tester, drop weight tear tester, universal testing machine, etc.

Main Products
    1. API 5L Black Steel PipeAll our black steel pipes are manufactured according to the API 5L specification for line pipes. They are extensively used in transferring corrosive matters such as petroleum and natural gas.
    1. EN10219-1 Straight Seam Steel PipeOur EN10219-1 standard straight seam steel pipes are cold formed pipes with circular, square or rectangular cross sections. The special manufacturing technique for the ERW steel pipe eliminates the demand for heat treatment after pipe forming.
    1. Line PipesWe can offer two categories of line pipes: SSAW steel pipe and black steel pipe. By changing the forming angle, our range of API 5L line pipes can be made into various diameters while using raw materials of the same width.
    1. EN 10217-1 Black Steel PipeFabricated according to EN 10217-1 standard specification, this range of black steel pipe comes with circular cross section and is manufactured by using electrical resistance welding technique. It has passed both TR1 and TR2 tests.